Stability & Traction Control Failures

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Thread: Stability & Traction Control Failures

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    I have a late 2006 model Sportwagon, and two days ago I went to start my car and it reported Stability control failure, and went into Limp-Home mode. I turned off the engine restarted and the car ran fine apart from the EML being on because of the stored fault code (I assume). I dropped it off at my local garage and they reported throttle position sensor, but could not get it to recreate, I drove 50 miles that afternoon with no issues. Yesterday morning I went to start the car and got two error messages, Stability control failure & Traction control failure, my local garage has now said that there is communication issues between the models and the ECU, and they suspect a wiring loom fault. I now have it booked into my nearest Saab dealer, for them to fully diagnose and hopefully fix. So far the issue has only occurred in the mornings when I start the car, in the afternoons it seems fine, apart from the EML being on.

    Now a question to all the knowledgeable people on here, has there been any issues with Saab’s and wiring loom/major electrical issues?

    I have an issue with it being a 3.5 year old car and that I could possibly need a new wiring loom. Is this a weak point on Saab’s?

    Any lastly has anybody had any experience of getting just-out-of-warranty work done and paid for (or at least contributed) through Saab UK for major issues? To me a wiring loom replacement seems like a major cost.


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    There have been quite a few cars having problems with the wiring between the tcs ecu and the rear wheel speed sensors (saying that there was a recall a couple of years ago to replece the wiring for the front wheel sensors due to corrosion) causing the tcs light on the dash. Saab say to just repair or replace the concerned wires rarther than replace the whole loom.

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    Thanks merve84,

    I did hear about Saab saying to repair instead of replace, in fact the story I heard was Saab telling garages to replace the whole loom, then they changed their tune and said to repair only. But then I was told that even with repair jobs it was not correcting the fault and the end result was a replacement.

    I didn't know about the recall, thanks, hopefully I can use that to get some assistance towards the repair. I'll have to wait until next week now until the dealer looks at it. The strange thing is that it only seems to happen in the mornings, in the afternoons it seems ok, EML is on but car drives normally.

    My concern is that I take it to the garage and they cannot replicate the fault or view the live data, all they will have to go on is the already stored fault codes. Hopefully that will tell them enough to get them looking at the right area.


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    Following on from my issues above, I've got it booked into my local dealer next week, but in the meantime I have managed to get the codes read.

    Has anybody any previous knowledge of these codes, seen them before or know which parts/modules they relate to?

    ABS/TC faults
    • U2103
    Power Steering Faults
    • U2139
    Engine Fault
    • P1120
    Doing a few google searches they all sound major, and expensive

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    The wiring loom for the p-bus runs through the ESP/TCS unit on these cars, if the ESP/TCS unit fails then it will stop you seeing anything downstream of it which is the engine ecu and possibly the power steering, my memory is a bit hazy on this. It could well be that the ESP unit has failed (which I have seen before) or that the battery on the car is on it's way out (which I've also seen before). I feel that it is unlikely to be a wiring loom problem and if it is then it should be diagnosed correctly first!

    If someone can look up the exact fault code descriptions then it would be helpful, if they are something like "ECM missing on bus" and "TCM missing on bus" along with "EHPS missing on bus" (not so sure about that one!) then I'd be looking at the ESP/TCS unit first.

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    unfunnily enough i have a vehicle which is doing something very similar. when wet my traction control can ping and the car goes into limp home mode. codes are p1120 and p1122 i think, linked to throttle sensor according to mr aa.

    getting checked asap and will update with the diagnosis. anything similar anyone?

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    Electric problems like this can quite often be a failing battery, i'd assume likely in the OP's case as it's when it's first started in the morning but ok in the day after it's been run.

    It would be the first thing i look at.
    9-3 2.8T Aero - 300hp/390lbft

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