Hi, I am in search for information on my Saab 93 TDI, 54 Plate, Dip Head Light Failure.

I have change the bulbs in my Dip Beam about 8 weeks ago and the warning light has came on telling me the bulb has failed on the R/H/S.

The bulb failed and I have replaced it with a new bulb, checked the fuses in the engine Bay(which are okay) and still the bulb fails to luminate and the warning light stays on. Yesterday I removed the Air Intake Box and removed the multiplug from the back of the head light unit.

After carrying out tests using a mulit meter, I am getting continuity from the connector to the headlight terminal when the mulitplug is disconnected, however, whoever, I am not getting power from the cabin up to the multi plug for the dip beam. Someone has advised me that it may be on of the relays that are fault, however, I am not sure which relay could be effected.