saab 9-3 heater control

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Thread: saab 9-3 heater control

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    i have just purchased a saab 9-3 1999 and the heater control knob is broken, when i try to twist the knob with pliers i get a clicking sound and it just spins the temp is constantly freezing cold.this will be great in the summer but not to great at the moment. would buying a new control panel solve this problem? and is it easy to fit. also the switch lookes as though it pushes in and out but in my owners manual it says nothing about it needing to pull or push in. any help would be much appreciated. thanks in advance erb.

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    Before thinking of buying a whole new CC unit, take a look inside yourself.

    I recently opened up my Climate control unit because my fan speed control was working intermittently. I followed these steps to accomplish it.

    Keep in mind that you don't have to follow all the steps, you don't have to replace the ACC control unit. Follow this for panel and dash removal. It is not difficult at all, but you will need to take your time, have gentle hands, a torx 20 and 25 screwdriver, a small adjustable c-wrench and a small flathead screwdriver.

    Another step that will help you take the unit out, is by taking out the ashtray and ashtray holder. They just pop out, and then, from behind push out the seat warmer buttons. You will then be able to get your hand in behind and below the CC unit.

    When you get the panels and then the unit out of the dash, you will see that the Heat control is actuated by some plastic gears; you'll be able to see what the problem is hopefully.

    Be careful when taking out the adjustable plastic actuator for the fan direction control; it has these small plastic hinges that will break if you force them too much.

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    Information provided by crisjan is for cars with automatic climate control while yours is manual (the way I understand it). Search the board for "toilet roll" (not a joke).

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    Re: saab 9-3 heater control

    Hello everyone.
    Do not have opened up a new post.

    The problem with heating the vehicle cabin. It's a Saab 9-3 2003rd years. When you turn on the heating occurs close to the intake air passes through the heater. After starting the washer, start the heating and opening the supply of warm air, heated for 10 seconds and then closes again, and no heating. That I have to work non-stop so I had no heating.

    Since that day I have no seat heating.


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