Rear Fog light / high level brake light problems

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Thread: Rear Fog light / high level brake light problems

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    Hello All

    Car is 9000CSE LPT - with stage 2 remap MY 1997 68K miles, manual. Both headlight relays changed recently aswell.

    After changing coolant and thermostat + full service + ITG air filter my car today failed its MOT.....Gutted !

    But has redeemed itself by only failing on minor items:

    High level brake light 50 % obscured - what are the correct bulbs that go in here?
    In the saab owners manual it states the following on pg 99:
    'Note: To meet current legal requirements in England, two of the bulbs must be rated at 3W.' and pg 100 list a 5W bulb namely W2.1 x 9.5d for high level brake light.

    There are 4 wedge type bulbs - so is it two at 5W and two at 3W ?????

    Secondly - two failures related to rear fog light?
    No visible indication on switch or dashboard whether the rear fog is on
    (should be illuminated in the binnacle, switch does not illuminate unlike front fog switch)
    Rear fog light not working in any rear fog switch position. Bulb appears to be fine though.

    Is the rear fog light controlled by the push switch itself or or does the switch merely operate a relay - i.e. what causes the failure switch or relay??

    Is any of this related - fused bulbs in high level brake light causing rear fog failure???

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    The high level brake light should have two 5W bulbs and two 3W bulbs.

    I presume you are checking the rear fog light with the headlights on, it doesn't work unless the headlights or the front fogs are turned on. Have you checked the fuse?

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    failing that - duff bulb in the dash

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    Full throttle mark e's Avatar
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    The fact that neither the dash lamp of the foglamp itself illuminate suggest that the problem lies in the swithcing of the circuit, in which case it's likely to be one of the following 3:

    The fuse has blown (#32)
    The switch is faulty (contact should be made between pins 7&8 when pressed)
    The relay is faulty (Located behind the glovebox/airbag)

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    Thank u very much for the help.

    Feel a bit silly - fuse was infact blown, but not obviously - made itself apparent with multi-meter.

    Fuse now replaced - all working well.

    The high level brakelight - Yes corrosion is the cause - have dismantled and sanded down the metal contact strips on main body light holder using fine emery paper, then sprayed bulb holders with silicon spray and finally applying very light coating of silicon grease to the strips to seal out moisture. 3 out of 4 bulbs are working now. Went to Saab to get the actual bulb holder price @ 5.87 + VAT EACH. No surpises from saab there then - spoke to a master tech as well about fog light indication - who said its never gonna be the dashboard bulbs as they very rarely go if ever. He also advised check fuse then relay by taking it out and connecting up input and output - i.e. by pass the relay.

    So does anyone know where I can get W5W / T10 capless bulb holders without getting ripped off?

    I would rather replace all 4 than just one - as the current set will only corrode further.

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    3 seconds in Google

    Are these suitable? At 35 pence you might just risk the expense.........

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    thanks inspectorman - just ordered four - thats more like it, 35p each.

    Thats about the same price as they were on an old E28 5 series BMW from the main dealer @ 35p.

    Love Saab, absolutely LOATHE GM.

    Maplins wanted 2.99 for two bulb holders.

    Just hope they fit or can be made to fit. Will let u know how i get on - after the postal strike !

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    These 35p items work brilliantly. Slightly tighter fit than the saab bits and needed a little cannibalising with a stanley knife.

    All good - thanks all. Car MOT'd and back on the road !

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