Clicking noise in Dashboard

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Thread: Clicking noise in Dashboard

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    I wonder if someone can advise me. I think I know the problem from looking on this forum but I need some advice.

    I am sure the clicking noise is something to do with the RECIRCULATION MOTOR because it appears directly related to pushing the said button on and off.
    I contacted a SAAB dealer who offered me some advice when I told them the problem and asked how much a new motor would be, they said:

    "I do not think that the part we have on stock will cure your problem as it is the vent assy I think your problem will be one of the 3 electric servo motors that work the system I think you will need further investigation".

    The part number of the item was: 93171809 and they were selling it for £44.97

    Does this mean it may not be the RECIRCULATION MOTOR.

    If it is this motor are they easy to fit?


    Thanks in advance.

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    I had the same problem and it was the recirculation motor, which is a common problem on the Saabs, amongst many others. Can't tell you the cost as I got it done under warrant whilst they had my car in to fit a new turbo.

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    Hi Macca and welcome

    I've recently bought a second hand 9-3 (my first saab) and have what sounds to be the same symptom. Not always noticeable but is usually on starting / switching off the engine (- may be to do with the current auto setting of the air-con system). I've also had a similar thing with my Seat Leon, which was suspected to be the re-circ motor although to be honest I never got round to fixing that either (!). At risk of being naive, so long as it stays relatively quiet, I'm happy to leave things as they are.

    However, like you, I'd be interested to hear from others more experienced with Saabs, as to whether or not a diy repair is expensive / practical (.. just in case ... !)

    Mr Snowman

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    I noticed this noise when I first had my (07 MY) Sportwagon - the car is just coming up to 3 years old and I've got used to the noise. It's particularly noticeable when first driving off but after that seems to settle down. A little annoying but no worse than all the squeaks from the rooflining! There don't appear to be any ill effects.

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    There was a terrible clicking noise every time I switched cabin air from and to recirculation. I stopped using recirc just in case it "got stuck there"

    Dealer said "yes, it is a common problem" - I seem to remember it was something to do with splined shafts and gears becoming misaligned

    Was fixed under warranty during second service - did not seem to be much trouble to fix

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    Hi my 04 Aero has been doing this for some time now, it is the recirc motor and yes it is a common problem, mine always does it when i unlock the car after it has been standing for a few hours, i don't know why but for some reason the flap is closed as the car cools down ??? anyway i was quoted around £35 from our local dealer plus fitting of course and also the new one is modified from when my car was new so shouldn't have the problem again, trouble is for a few seconds clicking first thing in the morning i just can't be bothered.


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