Is my key knackered?

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Thread: Is my key knackered?

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    Hi all, I finally got my clutch replaced on thursday but when i tried to start the car and drive home from the garage a warning came up on the SID say that the car didnt recognise the key, then i got another message saying that there was an immobiliser problem.

    After a couple of attempts it worked. Now its just getting worse and worse and it now takes upto 10/15 minutes to get the car started. I only have one key and I have a christening to drive to tomorrow morning! Help!

    Is my battery dying? Has my key become unconfigured to the car? Is the immobiliers screwed?

    Its just one thing after another!

    Oh my car is a 2004 9-3 Aero Vert.

    Thanks in advance!

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    just been out to write down the exact messages that the SID displays.

    Sometimes the key will not got passed the lock position when it does this the SID reads


    When i managed to get it passed the lock position and across to start it reads (but the car doesnt start)


    When i went to lock the car again it wouldnt lock!! This is the first time that has happened...

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    the fact it started says the key is ok but to find any problem you need tech2 to get the B faults B2385 is your problem key not recognised then it clears so it has to be something in the system,

    put the key in the ignition and turn it on but don't start the engine then press the boot unlock button the SID tells you how many keys are connected and if it needs a battery it will display that on the SID

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    the TWICE ECU for the immobiliser is under the drivers seat so check the wires are plugged in tight

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    Hi smoothrunner it just says 2 keys connected. No valet keys. using key 1.

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    so it has 2 keys programmed to it? from what your saying it sounds like the ignition barrel or the reed switch below the ignition cover ( that detects the chip in the key ) so it might need cleaning,

    you say its just had a clutch fitted check if everything was put back right and no one messed with anything else like being out of range when pressing the remote that would invalidate the coding if done a few times

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    this might be of interest as the 9-3 and 9-5 use the same system.

    you don't program a valet key all that's used for is for the service guy to get into the car to clean it,

    you actually have 2 keys programmed but the last owner has lost it or forgotten to give it?

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    you could get a second key ordered from saab but this takes i think about 1-2weeks as it has to get done in sweden.
    but ring around dealers as they will give different prices. and prices vary alot

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    Hi smoothrunner,

    Yes it has 2 keys programmed to it but the previous owner must have lost the other one.

    Yes it all started the day we collected it from getting the clutch replaced. We just get the two error messages as mentioned further up. Sometimes the key won't even go past the 'OFF' position thats when we get the first message 'KEY NOT ACCEPTED' but after multiple attempts it will go around to the 'ST' start position but thats when we get the second error message"IMMOBOLISER FAILURE TRY STARTING AGAIN" - "CONTACT SERVICE" eventually it will start but only after 5/10 minutes.

    Is there any way of cleaning the ignition barrel?

    Does anyone think if i buy a new key and get it programmed to the car it will work fine?

    Its just one thing after another with this car...

    Now i'm thinking... should i have got the A4 Cab??

    Owned for 3 months and iv had the suspension top mounts and bearings replaced, clutch and now the ignition and key problems!

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    its a pig to get the barrel out but you can and its worth cleaning with wd40 but it does sound like the key might be the problem as its not picking up the chip and its hard to turn so key or barrel could be damaged or something stuck in the barrel,

    if you replace the key it will need setting up with tech2 so don't buy a used key that's already coded as they wont touch it.

    even Audi have there problems.

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    Hi just to confirm did you only get the key problem after you had the clutch fitted?
    The system recognises your key is valid to the car so it's prob likely that the key is ok and more the theft control module (CIM unit that is the black box behind the steering wheel) or the ignition switch that is at fault.

    If however the fault occurrd after the clutch was fitted could indicate something has been left loose? There is an earth point bolted to the gearbox that could cause electrical problems if not tightened up correctly..

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    Smoothrunner I fear you are refering to the older barrel in a pre 03 9-3.
    I wouldn't put wd40 into your 04 barrel as it's mainly electronic.

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    good idea there about the earth wire and also check the siren in the passenger wheel arch hasn't been unplugged when they took the gearbox out

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    Sometimes it just wont budge past the 'off' section on the ignition as if its locked, like the steering wheel is locked and the key wont turn - only the steering wheel isnt locked.

    Yes its only being doing it since we got it back from the garage. Its not as if its been a gradual deteriation.

    also when we got back into the car the time and date had been reset and there were 4 dashes where the time should be. Would this just be the battery being disconnected? & would this make any difference to my key / ignition / imobiliser problems?

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    I would def check the earth on the gearbox, if you look down the back of the engine, sort of underneath of the coolant tank is the starter motor the black earth wire is bolted to one of the starter motor bolts under the main body of the motor. Just have a wiggle to see if it's tight. This wire has to be taken off to remove the gearbox!

    The date and time will only be reset as the battery has been off but won't effect you key/immobiliser

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