heater controls

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Thread: heater controls

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    Can anyone tell me where the stepper motor 9625435 is located on the car on a Saab 9000?


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    Thats one of the ACC control motors. Its buried in the dash so not an easy one to get at im afraid. Picture below shows the item in question. Its part 36, as

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    Thanks for the diagram, so to access this part I need to remove the dash/heater module, I have located a similar motor on the fan unit under the bonnet on the offside but this is bosch part 0390 721 005 not 0390 721 006, what is the difference?

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    You just need to take the top cover off (where the speakers are) There are a number of "hidden screws", but start by taking the grills to the speakers off. The motors are much the same but perhaps the spindles or stepping are different. You could probably adapt one to suit another location, if it is just the small electric motor which has failed.

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    The 9000 has three motors.

    The one that you can just about get to with the bonnet open is on top of the heater unit above the cabin air filter. This is for the air recirc flap, and so only has two positions, open or closed. It therefore has no potentiometer to provide positional information. It only has two wires going to it.

    The two under the dash top are identical and have positional feedback so the aircon brain knows where the flaps are. They have five wires each. They are challenging to remove.

    Given that you log in as FER355, are you by any chance looking for parts for a Ferrari 355? If so, the motors under the dash are the same as used in a 355 to control the heater water valve. The valve on a 355 is also challenging to remove. One small tip which may help you: you can separate the motor from the gearbox and replace just the motor, which is a lot easier than trying to get the whole unit off the bracket in a 355.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks , you guys are a great source of information and yes I am after a motor for a 355 heater valve, back to the breakers then!!

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    Of you could call:-

    Simon the Saab Man
    Unit 9, Folly Farm
    RG26 5RJ




    DCA, Upper Bucklebury, near Newbury. 01635 860086

    who both probably have the part sitting on the shelf.

    By the way, I hope it is the motor, not the Ferrari aircon brain.

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