9-3 phone kit

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Thread: 9-3 phone kit

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    i have just picked up a 9-3 ss vector sport which has the sat nav and phone sim reader in the boot but i have a nokia ck-7w which i took out my last car i was reading you can get a tel lead 06-109B
    but my question is wont the plug already be being used as i have the built in phone kit and by unplugging this will it effect any other functions in the car apart for the in built phone not working also will the connection lead be in the same place in the passenger side kick panel

    many thanks in advance

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    i have been looi for the tel1 connector and all i can find is this but its already plugged in

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    I can't confirm for certain or not, but I heard that, if you have the built-in phone, you may not have the 18 pin connector.

    If it isn't where it shows it in this link. I suspect you haven't got the connector


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    then my next question is what ths best way to wire my nokia ck7w car kit in

    many thanks in advance

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    I have the same in built phone which is annoyingly almost useful but in practice is worse than useless as you don't get the Tel 1lead allowing you to bypass it. I've been looking for it too and it's not there.

    The connector in the boot that goes into the phone module looks a better bet, but I've not got round to trying to find out if this would work.

    In the meantime I just use a bluetooth visor speaker phone thingy which works brilliantly. Mine is the Jabra 5050, which clips to the sunvisor, just turn it on when you get in the car, needs charging once in a blue moon and sounds plently clear enough. I think they're around £30.


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    i really want to get my ck7w up and running so any more help would be great i cant be the only one out there with no tel1 connector

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    does anyone read this forum?? or just nobody can help

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    I don't think that anyone has the same problem as you.

    I saw that http://www.justcarkits.co.uk do a connector for 9-3 Saabs to 2007 without the TEL connector. That may be what you need. SAAB15TEL may be the one.

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    On first inspection I could not find the hands free plug, I thought I will just have one more look before I put the cover back and I found it. It was not particularly easy to find, have you had a really good look? it was fairly well tucked away on mine and covered in black tape so is easy to miss.

    Mine was further foward than your photograph shows.


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    Do you have any pics of where yours was?

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    Hi I fitted a Parrot 3100 kit to my 04 93, it was a job to locate the correct plug and when I did it was then found to have already had a kit fitted previously, this kit had been removed via very sharp knife! thus meaning all the connecting wires had to be rejoined or connected again! The TEL1 connector I found high up behind the tunnel wrapped in a black cloth type tape. Very sticky too! good luck......

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    Hi here is a pic to help you.
    Number 1 points to the connector in question as said above its wrapped in tape.
    If you have trouble finding it just follow the wiring harness at number 2 upwards and it should be there.

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    Hi guys

    Sorry to jump the thread but i have a Motorola T605 to install into my 2005 Saab 93 tid vector sport, My car has a phone kit installed which has the sim card in the boot. anyway i cannot get the saab bluetooth to work at all with a few mobile phones i have owned. Hence buying the T605 hands free kit.

    My question is would one of these connectors below fit into the loom connector under the passenger side centre console mentioned above?? or does anyone know what would fit i was thinking of the parrot connector if possable and then joining/splicing this to my motorola kit somehow, I dont want to cut the saab connector off.

    Would this fit??



    Cheers All


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    Bigbird, I'm sure there are people here more technically qualified then me but I'm not sure the motorola kit will work the way you want it too with the Saab audio! If you use the TEL connection (if fitted) wont the sound just come thru the front speakers only, and the T605 is an audio device to play music thru the vehicles speakers, so you will loose half the sound! as well as a hands free kit.

    I may be wrong but not sure the two may not work together as I thought about installing a Parrot kit to stream music with as well as the IO Play but when I found out about the sound only coming from the front speakers just went for a Parrot ck3100 and will do an Aux lead fitting soon....

    good luck

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    Im not sure yet but will wait for more reply's

    Im not after music streaming just as long as i can make and receive calls, and the sound comes through ok.



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