Help Seat belt stuck!

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Thread: Help Seat belt stuck!

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    Decided to have a run out with the family last night...when my wife tried plugging her seat belt in to the socket it wouldn't click home!

    Thinking that perhaps she was not pushing the clip in at the right angle I tried and eventually after a lot effort I got it to stay in place.

    Unfortunately it now wont release!

    Has anyone else experienced this before and if so can the seat belt socket be taken apart to find the fault? I've tried all the obvious things like pushing a screwdriver blade in to try and release it....


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    I don't think that the buckle is serviceable. The bits are riveted etc. Also be careful if you swap, I think that end is the one connected to the airbag and retracts to tighten in a crash - not 100% sure though.

    Last time had a seat belt failure I replaced the clip and broke open the old one to find a coin inside it!!

    [edit] Just checked. The belt tensioners are in the door pillars and pull the belt pulley down when triggered by the airbag system

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    I'm 99% certain that the seatbelt pre-tensioner device sits in the door-pillar where the seatbelt comes out. The buckle is simply bolted to the seat-base (and can therefore be removed - how simple though?). According to the Saab EPC guide the passenger one does have a switch which needs to be plugged in so don't put a buckle without this switch on that side. It is for the driver's side.

    As far as taking the buckle apart on a 9-5. Don't know. Worth a fiddle though (with care). Quite often the plastic cover snaps apart and you may see what needs to be done to free it. I'd go along with sgould and suggest that something's in there (especially if there have been young kids about).

    I presume your wife did manage to wriggle herself out and isn't stuck in the car .

    [edit] By the time I posted sgould has edited his entry confirming the seatbelt tensioner is in the door-pillar.

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    The wire into the buckle is for the seat belt monitor. The bongs and flashing red seat belt warning will need this or it won't go out when there is a passenger in place.

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    Hi.I drive a Coach with 51 seat belts and sometimes they stick so I spray WD40 in to the bit that you put the belt end into and work the button a few times to work in the WD40.HTH Jim

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    I fear that if you have plugged the belt in it might be too late, sorry to bring bad tidings.

    A couple of months ago I got back to the car in the dark, down with rain, family with me, jumped into car with coat on and found the belt would not engage. Tried it many times, then gave up and drove the couple of miles home being 'bing-bonged' by the warning light.

    Next morning I found a 5p piece had fallen into the mechanism, presumably from my raincoat pocket. The 5p was very bent, through my efforts to plug the belt in, and it took me almost an hour with forceps, fine screwdriver, starbucks coffee stirrers, all sort to edge the offending coin out of the hole. Its worked perfectly since - I suspect if I had managed to force the buckle in it would have been new parts all round.

    I couldn't find a way to remove the plastic cover, let alone any part of the mechanism, hence the keyhole fivepennyectomy which took so long.

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    Thanks for the advice guys...

    Eventually managed to get the seat belt socket off this afternoon. This is a bit trickey but buy putting the seat as far back as it will go allows some access to the bolt which secures it to the seat frame. I then cut a couple of cable ties that secure the wires for the seat belt warning system to to the seat frame which allowed me to work on the socket in the rear foot well.

    on closer examination I noticed a screwdriver slot in the 'seat' side of the socket which when a 3mm bladed screwdriver was inserted and pushed in the direction of the driver seat released the buckle from the socket.

    Great news....

    This meant at least my wife could get out now!!!!!!!

    Of course when I looked in the empty socket again nothing was obviously broken or out of place, so what do you do yes you guessed it you try again!

    Of course it wouldn't release by pressing the red button so the screwdriver was reinsearted which again did the trick. So thought I would try the WD40. A few squirts later and a bit of proding of the mechanisim with a hacksaw blade resulted in a broken pice of black plastic appearing at the bottom of the socket....

    This didn't look good....Obviously part of the mechanism had broken off and got stuck....or had it? that broken piece of black plastic looked kind of famililiar... After as Richard _C described a bit of 'keyhole ectomy' was performed and confirmed my suspisions.....The black plastic was a broken button off a coat or shirt!!!!

    At some time in the past the previous owner must have managed to break a button and lose half of it down the seat belt socket...It just chose to jam up when my wife got in the car!

    Anyway every thing worked fine after the offending item had been removed (the button not the wife) and after a further 15 min of re-bolting the socket back to the seat frame (even more trickey than taking it appart) everything appears to be fine...

    Looks like everyones suggestions worked with this problem...thanks again guys!

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