While on the topic of Norway, the country not the small town in Maine that I have just passed through, I thought it was appropriate to provide some photographs I had taken during the summer of 2005 at Saab Festival in Tröllhättan, Sweden, of a few Saab concept cars designed by an individual from Oslo, Norway named Per Ekström.

Here is a quote from the Saab Club of New Zealand’s website about the designer himself.

Per Ekström, who hails from Oslo, Norway, was the Saab owner who became the Man of the Moment at the Saab Jubilee Festival. His Saab EX - his own, elegant rendition of a Saab 900 - was declared by the jury to be the best Custom car, and was also voted the “People´s Choice” in a poll of the visitors. This was aimed at finding out what the general public considered to be the top Saab car at the Saab Jubilee Festival.

“Per had developed his Saab EX in a way that would have been a tribute even to Saab´s own styling designers,” said Björn Envall who was a member of the jury and was formerly in charge of the Styling Design Department at Saab. “I was delighted to see how he linked his new features with the traditional Saab lines.”

Saab EX

Saab CX

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