Replacing Ignition cylinder

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Thread: Replacing Ignition cylinder

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    Replacing Ignition cylinder

    My GM900 has a broken spring in the ignition barrel thing - when you start the car, you need to manually return the key to "on" from "start" (otherwise the starter motor just keeps turning). I have seen a second hand cylinder (with keyt) on an auction site - which seems fine. My question is this: how easy (or not) would it be for me to remove my ignition cylinder and replace it with this one? If it's a garage job, then it's not worth the money - but if it's a saturday job (complete with swearing from me and tut-tutting from Mrs H) then I might risk it. It's a no frills GM900s Auto. Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Replacing Ignition cylinder

    Is it the same as the 9-5?

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    Re: Replacing Ignition cylinder

    Could be a rave! Front seats out, centre console etc; You'll also have 2 keys instead of just 1 for doors, tailgate etc.

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    I guess replying to this is a bit to late but I guess it can be of use to others.

    As you may understand this happend to me as well. Or to be more precise, it happened to my wife. She sayd she didn't hear anything special (guess the stereo was quite loud), but she managed to drive about 20km with the starter engaged As you may understand this resulted in a starter in a very poor condition...

    So I had to replace the starter. That was difficult enough since the bolts are really hard to get to. And the wires.. And the fact that the starter is just about small enough to get out of the engine compartment (you also need to work beneath the car)..

    Replacing the return spring means replacing the ignition switch. That means as the previous poster said removing front seats, center consol, loosing up the gear linkage in the engine compartment and finally loosen the gear shifter aluminium box. Then you need to take away the reverse mechanism.
    But you dont end up with 2 sets of keys.

    The only nice thing about this is that the switch itself can be easily removed by unscrewing 2 torx screws. It's just the matter of getting to it...

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    Re: Replacing Ignition cylinder

    You don't need to take the seats out to remove the ignition switch and lock assembly.

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