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: Saab Classified Ads - only Saabs!

01-23-2001, 01:16 PM
Buy and sell Saabs, parts and books etc at SAABshop classifieds.

You can upload photos, choose whether or not to display your telephone number / email address - the system protects your privacy - people respond to your ad from SAABshop.

Free to private advertisers. (Trade advertisers click here)
Edit, delete, or renew all ads posted under your unique user name.
AutoNotify feature allows you to predefine searches for ads which meet specific criteria.
Ad details can easily be sent to a friend using the "Send To Friend" feature.
Include a photo with your advert.
You may reply to an ad by clicking the "Reply To Ad".
The ad owner's email address is never revealed on your site to the person replying to an ad.
Personal QuickLinks Page
Keyword and advanced search features allow you to search the entire database.
Easy navigation to browse categories and jump to other categories.
Ad summaries are provided in list format allowing you to more quickly find ads which may be of interest.