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: Hello....from the deep end....

04-28-2012, 02:01 PM
A quick hello, decided to become a member as since I picked up my 2006 93 1.9 TiD (168k) I have been in and out threads non-stop. Needless to say I have had a few issues to clean up on this Car (now named Beaver as its nice to look at, but a bugger to live with).

Managed to get an MOT on her without any problems just the usual tyres etc. Had a EML for a while and managed to narrow it down to DPF problem (every time I force a Regen the light kicks in along with limp mode, so I assume it is completely blocked).

I was in a position to do the usual cambelt etc. and i thought i'd do the filters first. All was well but overtightened the Water In Fuel sensor plug and at a second glance the damn thing had snapped inside the new filter.

What is bugging me is the fact I cannot find any mention of where to pick a new one up....the closest I have come to is the type on the land rover discovery, which looks identical in the pictures I have come across....so here i go into the parts threads to see if anyone has sourced these things before.....