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: Garry Small Saab Contributes To Saab Soundings Collection

01-23-2008, 11:51 PM Garry Small Saab ( of Portland, Oregon, whom I recently visited over the holidays contributes to the Saab Soundings collection in the growing Saab magazine archive ( Their contribution consists of a super rare 1980 issue/ volume 20 that showcases what is known as the “Super Swedes”, both Bjorn Borg the tennis superstar as well as Ingemar Stenmark (, the best alpine skier that the world has ever seen.

It is interesting to note that this combination of two Swedish superstars was done during the same year in a promotional film called “The Super Swedes” was produced. This film again features Bjorn Borg, but in place of Ingemar, they have none other than Saab rally legend, Stig Blomqvist ( That film is also showcased below for your viewing enjoyment.

A great addition now as a full collection, in concert with this film. A super thank you again goes to Garry Small Saab.

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